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Remember ... there is only one person who gets up each day and dedicates their life to getting what you want!

Are you consciously creating your day?

Do you focus your time …

Your money ….

Your energy …

Your mind power ….

Each and every day?

What we do know in life is that: Many people live life by chance, they take the wins while riding the rollercoaster of unpredictable challenges, feeling totally out of control … Very few people live their lives consciously, and with purpose!

But ….

What if …

What if you could do things differently by taking back your personal power

Are you …

Someone who has had enough of riding the rollercoaster of life and are ready ….

Ready to take back control and start consciously investing your time … your money …. And your potential …

By focusing on your highest life priorities, by investing your resources to make a difference … and actually achieve your goals! 

Taking that step …

By becoming empowered you will:

  • Stay on your life path

  • Live a life of daily gratitude

  • Challenge your one-sided thinking

  • Become more emotionally flexible

  • Find resources that lead you to Optimum Thinking

  • “Count your blessings each night and end your day with thanks. Faster that any state of mind, gratitude can transform stress into success. It provides a mental rocket-ship ride to the next inspiring experience in your life.”

    Dr John Demartini

    “To make meaningful transformation in your life requires conscious planning and daily reflection. It is about creating clarity for yourself about what truly is important to you and mastering your emotions to fill your days with inspired actions.”

    Helene Kempe

    Taking these steps is about creating a process … a system … and a plan, one that is NOT just a ‘once a year’ process … but an active DAILY embracing of YOUR direction, YOUR dreams, YOUR desires.

    To support you in this journey the facilitators at Optimum Thinking created a resource that keeps you focused, EVERY DAY of the year.

    This is not just a Journal … this is your personal Optimum Life Journal with 366 pages where you can start on ANY day of the year!

    What you will get is ….

  • Your own personalized Optimum Life Journal, all in one easy to use book

  • Easy to follow instructions at the front of the Journal

  • Planning sections for the entire year

  • A quick plan update section at the beginning of each month

  • Goals to focus on, to stay on task

  • An A4, day-per-page journal for easy tracking

  • All your planning, your journaling in ONE place!

  • The journal includes easy to follow instructions at the front and has planning sections for the year. A quick plan update section is also included at the beginning of each month to keep your goals at the front of your mind.

    It is an A4 day-per-page journal that is dated – having the date on each page helps you track that you are filling it in every day of the year so you can maximize your results.

    The journal includes 366 pages (in case it is a leap year) and can be started on any day of the year.

    The process is all about becoming conscious of what you are investing your time, money and mind power in each day to help you focus on your highest life priorities. When you identify your highest life priorities and then invest your resources into those it makes a huge difference to how quickly you achieve your goals. You also avoid allowing other people fill your time with low priority activities.

    The most empowering way you can stay on your life path is to truly understand the power of gratitude and to practice it daily. The journal is designed to be easy to use, yet is a powerful way of gradually and consistently consciously transforming your life to achieve more fulfillment.

    Daily practice is key to mastering your appreciation of life and most importantly, yourself. Each day has a section where you practise challenging your one-sided or stuck thinking to develop your more flexible and resourceful Optimum Thinking.

    To make meaningful change in our lives takes conscious and repeated focus. The Optimum Life Journal is designed to help you to create and sustain the life you choose.

    The journal also makes a great gift for people you care about and want to help.

    When will now be the perfect time to start creating the life YOU choose!



    Do you ever feel as though time is speeding up and you can't believe how quickly the years are passing?

    It is inspiring and helps you appreciate your life when you take the time to list out all of the support and achievements of your year just past. Look back through each month of goals in your Optimum Life Journal or your diary or calendar, and look through all 7 areas of life to expand your awareness of all that you have achieved and all of the valuable support and challenge you have received until you feel a tear of gratitude in your eye and your heart opens.

    Gratitude is the most powerful state from which to create and achieve wellness.

    To help you with this process. We have created an easy to use, downloadable spreadsheet for you. Save it safely and complete it at the end of every year so you can reflect on past years too.

    This is also a brilliant way for you to review where you have been investing your resources this year and hold yourself accountable to live according to your highest life priorities. Remember if you don’t fill your days with your highest individual life priorities, other people will have you working on theirs!

    When you list enough items, you will really feel the difference it makes. You will likely be quite surprised by all of what you did achieve in the year. This will also then set you up to better plan for next year.

    Setting goals is easy, achieving them takes detailed planning, conscious intention and consistent action.

    We would love to know how you go with this exercise – please email us or connect with us on social media to share with other Optimum Thinkers.

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    Our enterprise promise is to facilitate individuals and teams through the process of activating their unique personal genius to become empowered self-leaders to live inspired, fulfilled lives through conscious intention and purposeful achievement.

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