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Optimum Thinking Foundation Level




(24/7 Access Online)

Are you ready to create your Optimum Life? ... Immerse yourself in a hands-on workshop where you will explore new emotional mastery skills that you can actively practice and understand as you complete the course; allowing you to use them … again and again in your daily life to get massive value!

Empower yourself today with the knowledge and tools that will help you accelerate your achievement in all areas of your life ... for the rest of your life! YOU are the only person who gets up in the morning and dedicates their life to getting what you want, so when is now the perfect time to grab the steering wheel of your life?

Get the emotional blocks and pity parties out of the way. Take your life and relationships to a new level of fulfillment and master your destiny!

To be an inspiring and successful leader of others, you must first master self-leadership!

Master Your Emotions

At times we create overwhelming emotions in our bodies that have really negative effects on how we communicate and the way we live our lives day-to-day.

Emotions are powerful controllers that try to run the show no matter what we do.

In this workshop you will learn the Neuroscience of emotions, what triggers them, how to manage them as they arise. You will also learn how to build and/or repair valuable and meaningful relationships in all areas of your life.

Regain Your Clarity and Control

Do you feel "lost" at times? ... many of us do.

Learn the self-leadership knowledge and skills we missed out on in school and acquire the tools you need to gain clarity and control of your life.

Don't let stressful emotions and lack of understanding control you anymore. Learn to see behavior as just that...behavior. You are more than your behaviour.

Take back your control today!

Actually Achieve Your Goals

Tired of never achieving your goals? Do they always appear to be just out of reach, or are so far away you feel "What's the point?"...

Discover what blocks your progress and how to unblock it. Really understand the Master Key to achieving what you truly desire.

Inspiring goals are completely achievable when you simply incorporate Optimum Thinking principles and processes on a daily basis.

Join us for this life-changing course!

Optimum Thinking Foundation Level Workshop (24/7 Access)

This workshop gives you access from the comfort of your own home at any time of day or night.

Watch past participants share the value they received ...

Read what people have shared ...

This workshop was truly life altering and a perfect complement to the private coaching sessions I’ve been doing. It’s incredible how much my mindset has shifted just by applying the Omnipresent Laws and identifying and understanding my HILP. I look forward to continuing this journey as an “Optimum Thinker” and growing my emotional intelligence to the level of mastery. Helene is truly a great teacher and her fun, simplified and open-minded approach to teaching made this workshop so impactful and memorable.

Tatiana Ferreira

PR & Marketing Consultant

My mind is blown! It opened a strong desire/wish to learn more and more, there is now a door open that shows me that there is so much more than we realize and perceive. Two sides of the magnet; no matter how many times you divide it. That's a life lesson I will adopt in daily life.

Daryl B

Retail Manager

I have gained so much from this workshop - how to approach things so differently. I can not wait to put all I have learnt into practice. This is the most valuable thing I have ever participated in. Thank you.

Bridget C


I am grateful to have had the opportunity and would recommend the workshop to everyone who has an open mind and wants to get his or her emotions under control and gain a better understanding of any negative thing that has happened in his/her life. You won’t regret it.

Anne W

Secondary Teacher

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does my investment give me?

  • Once you have enrolled you will have access to the course preparatory exercise and downloadable workbook and worksheets.

  • How will my course be delivered?

  • This workshop is a recording of a live interactive online class series. You work your way through at your own pace.

    There is an comprehensive workbook and several other resources to download and print to ensure you have interactive learning experiences. Research proves that the more of your senses you use when learning, the more you will retain and be able to use.

  • How long will I have access to my course?

  • You will have access to your course and workbook download via your Optimum Thinking Online portal soon after you make your payment. Please ensure you check your junk emails if you don't receive access in 15 minutes after payment.

    You will have ongoing access to your course for one year. 

    We would love you to stay part of the Optimum Thinking tribe so please connect via social media and join eNewsletter group!