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Life Coaching


Optimum Thinking Coaching is designed to assist you to create the Emotional Mastery and Conscious Achievement so that you can move towards self-leadership and personal fulfillment in your career and life.


Emotional Mastery empowers you with a new level of thinking that allows you to proactively manage emotional responses to situations as they occur.

This higher level of emotional intelligence helps you perform at your best in all areas of life. The more you understand about how you operate in the world at a sub-conscious level, the more effectively you are able to perform at work and home. Being skilled at managing emotions allows us to quickly see the balance in stressful situations and adjust our behaviour to achieve optimum results.


Gaining clarity on what your true highest individual life priorities really are is the master key to creating a fulfilled life for yourself. Achieving this clarity requires consciously following a process that reveals your unique path; then creating your Inspired Life Plan and putting it into action.

When you combine operating from a balanced emotional state with the power of setting and achieving goals that are in alignment with your “True North”, you create yourself a fulfilled and rewarding life.


Coaching provides you with high quality conversations to assist you to clarify what you want, create the plan on how to get there and help clear obstacles and challenges as they arise.

You have to want to get more out of life and be prepared to do something about it over a period of time. It is for the people who want to lead their lives rather than blindly follow other people.

Coaching helps you dig into your thinking and investigate your behaviour. It helps you work out what is working for you and what is not. Your coach then helps you unpack your unresourceful behaviour so you can reveal your thinking behind it and work on changing that habit.

Working with a coach is the most effective way of keeping yourself on track and accelerating your personal development and life achievements.


The secret to having reduced stress and better long-term health

How to feel more inspired at work and improve results in all areas of your life

How to have improved communication with people important to your success

How to improve your relationships and self-worth

Your unique personal genius so that have a greater sense of vitality and fulfilment

What really drives you to be able to understand yourself better and consciously live the life you choose

All clients are provided with a complementary session to ensure we can work together before committing to a program.


These face-to-face coaching programs are an opportunity to work closely with one of our highly trained consultants over an extended period of time. You will be assisted to overcome challenges you have that are preventing you from achieving what you want in your life.

You will also work through the process of setting goals in all areas of your life to help you create a balanced and empowered approach to living life.


Individual coaching on issues specific to you in order to resolve conflict and remove distress

Values and beliefs – how we develop them, how they drive everything people do and how we can choose to change them

The Demartini Method® for resolving emotional conflict – a scientifically founded process for balancing emotional responses

Creating an inspired life plan and putting it into action


A complementary 30 min Discovery Session to ensure we can work together before committing to a longer program

5 x 1.5 hour sessions (face to face, phone or Skype)

Email contact with your consultant for the duration of the program

1 x 2.5 hour Master Key Session

Special Refresher prices for Optimum Thinking workshops

A copy of the Optimum Life Journal


Program schedules and duration are negotiated with the client to maximize the opportunity for them to achieve their desired outcome.

Our enterprise promise is to facilitate individuals and teams through the process of activating their unique personal genius to become empowered self-leaders to live inspired, fulfilled lives through conscious intention and purposeful achievement.

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